“Style is the ultimate form of self expression, Avya Collections can help bring out your inner stylist with designs that are as timeless as you are.”

Avya Collections started off as a simple love and appreciation for traditional Indian jewelry. As an Indian - American woman, finding a personal style that was traditional but still modern was a challenge that I embraced over time. My passion for jewelry was so strong I knew I had to do something more with it, styling as a hobby just wouldn’t cut it. Avya Collections is my creative vision come to life!

My focus with Avya Collections is to push the boundaries between traditional and contemporary styles, why pick one when you can have both?! Bringing my clients truly elegant pieces that are unique and showcase the individuality behind each piece is the ultimate goal. Every piece is carefully handcrafted, and selected with quality being the most important factor. I want you to feel confident and glamorous every single time you wear one of my pieces, whether it’s your big day or you’re just going out with friends!

Customer service is important at Avya Collections. I want each and every one of my customers to feel like every purchase made with me is an absolute personal experience, just as if you were shopping in person. While the jewelry making process is a creative outlet for me, helping my customers find the perfect piece that's going to pair with their outfits or breathtaking pieces for special events is what makes all of this worthwhile and brings me the greatest joy!

- Neha

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