Indian Bangle Set



This Indian Bangle Set is unique because of its triangle shape, and its perfect for anyone who is bored with the traditional round shape of bangles! 

With this set of two (2) bangles you can truly make a statement and stand out in a room full of the usual! The unique triangle shape of these bangles are the focal point, but also feature gold plating, with clear stones around the whole bangle. The bangles also have ruby red accent stones at the edges of the clear stones, and at three (3) points of the triangle shape, the flower shape has an emerald green stone. The colored gems on this set of bangles is very subtle so it can easily be paired with many of your sets that may also have ruby green stones, or can be worn with sets without ruby green stones, it's up to you! 
This bangle features an adjustable screw lock system which means a size 2'4 can be worn by sizes 2'6 as well because this bangle doesn't need to be slipped on over your hand, you simple unscrew lock, place on wrist, and lock back into place! 
If you have any questions about whether these bangles will pair with one of our sets, just send us a message in the chat and we'll be happy to help you out! 

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