Indian Bangle



Indian Bangle 

This stunning Indian bangle is all you need to add the finishing touch to your outfit for an elegant look!  

This Indian bangle is perfect on its own, and doesn't need any additional bangles paired with it for finishing the look!
It comes with an adjustable screw lock, which means you don't have to slip them on over your hand, you simple unscrew the lock, put it on your wrist, and lock it back into place. 
The bangle comes in a single (1) piece and features gold plated finishing, with golden clear stones and a ruby red accent stone in the middle. 
Dimensions : 
Size 2'2 can fit wrists 2'2 and 2'4 size 
Size 2'4 can fit wrists 2'4 and 2'6 size
Broadness of bangle (from wrist to forearm part) - 1.75 inches 

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