Indian Bangles - Temple Jewelry


Indian Bangles - Temple 

This set of Indian bangles is in the Temple style which pairs perfectly with our Temple Collection Sets. 

These bangles come in a 2 piece set and have an adjustable screw lock system in size 2'6. This means that you don't have to slip them on over your hand, you simple unscrew the lock  until the bangle opens, put it on your wrist, and screw the lock back in so there's less of a struggle to put them on. This size can fit 2'6 as well as 2'8 sizes. 
The bangles feature an orange polish which is perfect for matching with our Temple sets that come in the orange polish, and have small flower motifs with ruby red and green stones which are perfect to add a rich look to the bangles. 
Dimensions : 
Broadness (wideness) of bangles is 0.5 inches each. 
(If you have any questions about whether these bangles will match one our sets, or questions about sizing, please send us a message and we'll be glad to help you out!) 

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